10 Benefits of Pull-Ups You Can’t Afford to Miss Out On

Pull-ups are a universal marker of fitness. If you can do a pull-up with good form, you’ve got to be doing something right in the gym. It takes a lot of energy to pull your body through the air in a controlled manner. With that being said, pull-ups aren’t just an impressive way to show … Read more

Training and Nutrition for Three Different Body Types

Training and Nutrition for Three Different Body Types

It’s easy to get wrapped up in comparing yourself to other people, athletes, or celebrities with bodies that you admire. Especially with the popularization of the “ripped” physique these days, it can be a bit demotivating if you’re naturally skinny or “big-boned”. Most healthy people can build muscle and lose fat with proper training and … Read more

PHAT Workout Program

PHAT Workout Program to Gain Size And Strength

Another training method that combines strength training with packing on sheer muscle mass is the PHAT workout. This stands for power hypertrophy adaptive training. Dr. Layne Norton created this type of workout to help combine strength and mass training for his use as a pro bodybuilder and powerlifter. Dr. Norton believes that in order to … Read more

Push Legs Pull Routine

Push Legs Pull Routine With Flexible Scheduling

Choosing your training split is the starting point of designing your workout program. There are all sorts of body-part combinations you could make as you divide up your muscles. Training smart, however, requires that you follow some basic principles. Many splits ignore those principles and, as a result, put you on the back foot before … Read more

Complete PHUL Workout Guide

PHUL Workout for Combined Strength and Muscle Gains

When it comes to lifting weights, there are two types of people; those who are looking to gain strength, and those who are looking to gain muscle. Aren’t the two groups looking for the same thing, you ask? Meh..kinda. The first group would be called powerlifters and they like to lift heavy. Their main goal … Read more

Calisthenics Workout Guide

Calisthenics for Beginners Workout Guide

What is calisthenics? “Calisthenics? What’s that?”, you might be asking. It goes by various names, such as bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, aerobics, gymnastics, and isometric training. But calisthenics is just the use of your body as its own resistance to improve your fitness. It’s a great way to improve every aspect of physical fitness. A good … Read more