Top 20 Hot and Ripped Male Fitness Models

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Male fitness modeling is different from traditional fashion modeling and despite what you may think, there’s more to it than simply having a great body. To be a successful fitness model you obviously need to be in great shape but you also need to be attractive and have the desired look for the modeling agency. Knowing how to pose, how to prepare your body for a shoot and how to maintain your physique all year round is also a key component.

This is what separates the truly great male fitness models from the mediocre ones and what ultimately dictates how successful you’ll be.

Below is our list of the top 20 hot and ripped male fitness models to look out for. With a range of different looks and physiques, we feel these 20 are a cut above the rest. Do you think we’ve missed someone off? Let us know in the comments below?

Jaco De Bruyn

Born in South Africa, Jaco has been a model since he was a teenager, lifting weights soon became a passion and in 2012, Jaco decided to start competitive bodybuilding, he earned his pro card that year and began professional competitions in 2013. Jacoy’s rugged physique and handsome looks make him a natural for fitness modeling and he has since built his reputation as one of the best in the world.

Rob Riches

Rob is a UK born cover model and one of the world’s best. Now living in California, Rob has built a successful modeling career, winning modeling competitions and has even directed and starred in his own TV programmes. In addition to modeling, Rob is also a fitness coach, author, sponsored athlete and bodybuilder.

James Ellis

James really has done it all. Not content with being envied by millions for his good lucks and rippling body, James, an award-winning fitness model champion, is also a motivational speaker, host, TV actor, personal trainer and of course a fitness cover model, having graced over 50 of the world’s most prestigious health and fitness magazines.

Marc Fitt

Marc is a Canadian fitness model, motivational speaker and CEO of his own apparel company. With his larger than life personality, Marc also does a lot of work with charitable organizations. Initially intending to become a police officer and join the SWAT department, Marc transitioned into fitness once he began to find more and more opportunities within the fitness community.

Jeff Seid

Bodybuilder and fitness model Jeff Seid is one of the world’s most recognizable fitness stars. An all American wrestling champion and football player, Jeff suffered a devastating injury which ended his sporting career. He quickly turned his attention to bodybuilding, become the world’s youngest ever IFBB Pro. Often compared to Goku, due to his hair, Jeff has a body that any superhero would be proud of.

Lazar Angelov

Possibly one of the most recognizable faces and bodies, on this list, Bulgarian Lazar is regarded as having the best abs in the fitness industry. He is considered one of the elite male fitness models and has used this to build a successful empire for himself. As an Author, personal trainer and apparel company owner, Lazar is one of the most successful male models on this list.

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Steve Cook

Sponsored by Gymshark, Steve Cook is an American bodybuilder and fitness model that was always destined to be involved in fitness. Whether playing high school football or smashing weight lifting records as a teen, Steve has always dedicated himself to self-improvement and to achieving his athletic potential. Steve’s clean-cut image ensures he can fit many different modeling profiles.

Simeon Panda

Simeon is a UK bodybuilder and successful entrepreneur that now spends his time between London and L.A. Simeon’s physique is that of pure power and has helped him to carve out a successful career in all elements of the fitness industry. Not only does he compete in bodybuilding competitions but he also judges them. Simeon has been on the cover of the world’s top fitness magazines and he was recently listed in Forbes as one of the world’s top 10 fitness influencers.

Ulisses Jr

Bodybuilder and Apparel World CEO, Ulisses has one of the best bodies around. Known for his shredded 8-pack, Ulisses has achieved great things as a natural bodybuilder and is now a body composition coach. The New York native gained his reputation on the pro bodybuilding circuits and his shredded 8-pack earned him a spot on some of the fitness industry’s most sought after magazine covers.

Joey Swoll

Joey Sergo, known as Joey Swoll, is an American bodybuilder who first got interested in lifting weights whilst in college. He found solace in the gym as a way to handle the pressure and stress of being away from home. With his powerful physique, Joey is an ideal fitness model for true weight lifting magazines and anyone interested in how to get bigger through lifting weights.

Kris Gethin

Possibly one of the most powerful men on this list, Kris is an internationally renowned trainer, CEO and one of the most respected men in fitness as the former editor in chief of As an author, personal trainer, CEO, fitness model, and bodybuilder, Kris achieved all of this after a nasty motocross accident left him with an extremely bad back injury.

Cory Gregory

Bodybuilder, Powerlifter and entrepreneur, Cory started out as a coal-miner before completely transforming his life. As a personal trainer and owner of some very well respected supplement companies, Cory has featured on the cover of 13 different publications and is one of the most well-established models on this list.

Sergi Constance

Spaniard Sergi has one of the most shredded physiques on this list and as a result, is one of the world’s most celebrated fitness models. As a bodybuilder, CEO and fitness model, Sergi has graced some of the world top fitness publications and has made a name for himself, building his reputation, in a very short amount of time.

Michael Thurston

Born in Leeds in the UK, Cover model Michael Thurston didn’t always look like this. He partied his way through his teens and early years before focussing in on his diet and training, becoming a successful personal trainer. Soon after, Mike began modeling and making a name for himself. His handsome features and chiseled body giving him the perfect package for fitness modeling.

Mike O’Hearn

Mike O’hearn is a fitness industry titan. A successful Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Fitness Model, TV star and Entrepreneur, Mike is well respected within the fitness industry and is looked up to for his knowledge, experience, and prowess. Mikes hard work, dedication, and ‘All American’ image gives him an evergreen look that never goes out of style, hence why he has been so successful for so long.

Roger Snipes

Roger is a successful British fitness model that started out as an athlete and sprinter. He began Bodybuilding and went on to win Mr. UK, Mr. Britannia, Fame UK, Musclemania and the WBFF European championships earning him recognition and fame and a natural transition into fitness modeling. Recognized as one of the UK’s best, Roger travels the world coaching and educating others on fitness.

Matus Valen

Slovakia born Matus is an international fitness cover model that has graced the front cover of some of the world’s biggest fitness magazines. Matus was inspired by his father, who was a bodybuilder, to start lifting weights himself when he was 14 years old. Trying to emulate the cover model body, Matus is famed for his well-defined abs and chest.

Daniel Blackwell

British fitness model Daniel started out as a football player in England before a horrific injury ended his career. Whilst recovering from his injury Daniel discovered the gym and through hard work, radically changed his Physique. As a fitness model and brand ambassador, Daniel now travels the world living out his new life. He says he wants to be an inspiration to all of those people who’ve ever been knocked down, proving that you can get back up.

Pham Woodbridge

Growing up in Northern California Pham was always into fitness and keeping fit, playing every sport going. However, it wasn’t until a run-in with the law, that Pham started lifting weights. He focused his energy into his health and fitness and has been able to grow into a world-famous fitness model as a result. Pham has one of the most recognizable bodies in the world and is now a source of inspiration for millions of men worldwide.

Ben Booker

Ben Booker’s story is quite impressive. Going from alcohol addiction and suffering serious injuries, Ben has risen to the top to become an international fitness model, business owner, and all-around icon. As a gym owner and motivational speaker, Ben continues to be an inspiration to those in the fitness industry whilst helping others to turn their lives around.

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