ThinkThin Protein Bars Review

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A true woman’s brand, ThinkThin was created to help busy women, like entrepreneurs and single moms, fuel their day. This company was founded by Lizanne Falsetto.

A single mom and entrepreneur herself, she had a desire and passion for helping other women to be successful. She has a distinct philosophy on food that includes ideas like – “a strong body makes a strong mind” and “beauty comes from a well-lived life.”

She really connects with female entrepreneurs and does what she can to help make them successful. She even had her company, ThinkThin, partner with V-WISE, a program designed to help veteran women and military spouses start their own businesses.

The idea behind her protein bars is that strong, confident women need a powerful source of energy without sacrificing the ability to indulge in the flavor. Food should still taste like food.

Well, let’s see if all her passion and dedication paid off by delving into ThinkThin protein bars and seeing what they are made of.

Ingredient profile

ThinkThin protein bar ingredients

ThinkThin protein bars don’t just use a blend of two different proteins but three. They include soy protein isolate, calcium caseinate, and whey protein isolate. This is a good thing because it gives your body all different types of protein that vary in the absorption speed.

Your whey protein will give your body an immediate source of protein for your muscles to tap into, while the soy will kick in just as the whey starts to slow down. The casein protein has been slowing digesting in the background this whole time and will continue to provide protein for the rest of the day.

This mixture of proteins has been proven to increase muscle size and strength by providing protein synthesis for a longer period of time. Jim Stoppani has a whole article on this subject along with research and study results.

Glycerin is the second ingredient. Glycerin is known to help with endurance exercise by helping to retain fluid and prevent dehydration. The glycerin acts like a magnet inside your muscles that attracts water. This will oxygenate the muscles and give them more power with muscle fiber contraction.

Even the World Health Organization uses vegetable glycerin in a water mixture with salt and sugar to help combat dehydration around the world. It is clearly effective.

Maltitol is used in ThinkThin protein bars. This sugar alcohol has negative side effects. Maltitol is almost as sweet as sugar with a lot fewer calories making many people choose this as a sugar substitute to help reduce their calorie load without losing the taste.

Maltitol has been known to take its toll on the digestive systems. People have complained of horrible side effects such as gas, bloating, and in extreme cases diarrhea. Read about the foundings of the study done on frequent consumption of maltitol.

Soy lecithin is another additive in these protein bars. This additive is an emulsifier meaning it helps to give the bar a smooth consistency and texture. Soy lecithin itself is just a mixture of soybean oil and phosphatidylcholine. What is bad about soy lecithin is the process the soy must go through in order to become soy lecithin.

The oil must first be extracted from the plant using hexane, a chemical solvent, in the process. Next, it has to be degummed and then dried, often doused with hydrogen peroxide to bleach it. The soy plant is also grown with the use of pesticides.

A combination of the hexane, peroxide, and pesticides make soy lecithin a nasty additive that no one should be putting in their body, let alone a protein bar that touts its high nutritive properties. Of course, organic soy lecithin would be harmless but they don’t claim to use organic anything.

Nutritional value

The ingredients in these bars are pretty simple. There are 20 grams of protein in each bar. This protein is a blend that is meant to last all day.

These bars aren’t low carb but they aren’t high in carbs either. Most bars have less than 30 grams of carbs. This is only 8% of the daily recommendation.

They have no sugar but plenty of sugar alcohols. They are gluten-free and have practically no fiber. They are kosher and has a low glycemic index. This low glycemic aspect will make it so you won’t get a surge of energy only to be followed by a crash.

There is a downside to fat content. They aren’t fat-free but on average have between 8 to 10 grams of fat per bar, they’re all healthy types of fats though. There are also a decent amount of calories in each bar at the 250 calorie range.

These bars aren’t meant to be for weight loss but to provide a good source of all-day energy in which I believe they achieve their goals.

Taste and texture

Since these bars were designed for women, they created flavors that women would be attracted to. There are twelve different flavors and almost all of them have some sort of chocolate, which is no surprise since women love chocolate.

None of these bars seem to have a lot of flavors and you can definitely taste the protein but if you don’t like too much sweetness these bars might be for you. I’ve also read a lot of complaints about the chalkiness of the texture. It is hard to get rid of that texture, especially with so much protein in one little bitty bar.

I will take them one by one and let you know which are worth your money.

Chocolate strawberry

ThinkThin protein bar chocolate strawberry flavor

Like a chocolate-dipped strawberry, this bar can make you feel special. A little bit of champagne to wash it down and you are good to go. The chocolate coating is somewhat bitter but the strawberry flavor doesn’t taste artificial which is easy to do.

Lemon delight

ThinkThin protein bar lemon delight flavor

This bar has the softest texture of the bunch. It has a cake-like consistency. The lemon flavor isn’t overpowering like a lemonade. It isn’t too sweet either. It tastes like a lemon bar only healthier. This is overall an A+ bar.

Maple almond

ThinkThin protein bar maple almond flavor

This bar is dipped in white chocolate instead of the dark chocolate which sets off the maple flavor well. The maple flavor is strong but not strong enough to cover the protein powder flavor.

Brownie crunch

ThinkThin protein bar brownie crunch flavor

Although this is called brownie crunch, there is a very little crunch to it. You can definitely taste the brownie flavor but the texture is a little dense. For those of you who love chocolate, this bar doesn’t have very much chocolate flavor.

Creamy peanut butter

ThinkThin protein bar creamy peanut butter flavor

This bar does better with the peanut butter flavor than the crunchy peanut butter. To be honest, I don’t know why there would be a need for creamy and crunchy peanut butter flavors anyway. If you like peanut butter with chocolate coating, this bar would be your favorite ThinkThin bar but there are plenty of other protein bar companies that have better peanut butter flavor bars.

Chunky peanut butter

ThinkThin protein bar chunky peanut butter flavor

For some reason, the chunkiness of the bar causes its downfall. The chunks taste burnt and the peanut flavor is lacking. There is a strange chemical flavor and the texture isn’t pleasant either.

Chocolate fudge

ThinkThin protein bar chocolate fudge flavor

This bar has a more milk chocolate flavor and is a good choice if you love that. It does have a pasty texture and a slightly bitter aftertaste but the chocolate coating is good and it does make you feel like you are eating a healthier chocolate bar.

White chocolate

ThinkThin protein bar white chocolate flavor

This flavor isn’t entirely white chocolate. It has a white chocolate coating with a subtle chocolate cookie-like interior. It comes with a slightly sour aftertaste but that goes away relatively quickly.

Dark chocolate

ThinkThin protein bar dark chocolate flavor

This flavor has an intense chocolate flavor. It does have a bitter aftertaste but then again, so does dark chocolate. The texture isn’t too bad but still protein bar pasty.

Chocolate espresso

ThinkThin protein bar chocolate expresso flavor

If you are looking for a little coffee jolt in your protein bar you need to try this flavor. It doesn’t have much of a chocolate flavor besides the outer coating but still a nice flavor overall.

Cookies and creme

ThinkThin protein bar cookies cream flavor

This bar is lacking the cookies but it does have a crème aspect from the white chocolate outer coating. The inside is chocolate with rice crisps to give it a crunch. This bar isn’t amazing nor is it disgusting but certainly doesn’t hold true to its name.

Caramel fudge

ThinkThin protein bar caramel fudge flavor

This flavor has a very artificial taste to it. Instead of making you think of a sweet creamy caramel this bar tastes more like a syrupy taste. The chocolate coating is average and the base texture is like a soft-baked cookie, which is a plus.

You can get variety packs from the ThinkThin website. Two that are available are the nut lover’s variety pack that includes four of each of the creamy and crunchy peanut butter and the maple almond, and the chocolate lovers variety pack that includes three of each of the chocolate strawberry, Brownie Crunch, Chocolate Fudge, Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Espresso.

Pricing and where to buy ThinkThin protein bars

ThinkThin protein bars aren’t expensive. They are two dollars per bar but the more you buy, the cheaper they are. If you buy a 10 pack, each bar becomes $1.79. If you buy six 10 packs, each bar is $1.66.

I wouldn’t pay extra for these bars anyway. The ingredients are very simple and not too high tech. Basically, you are just paying for the protein.

If you are a good shopper you can find them at other stores for cheaper or on sale as low as $14 for a 10 pack.

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Pros and cons

Follow along these pros and cons to give you a mental image of where these bars stand in the scheme of the protein bar world.

Why we like it

  • Delivers three different types of protein – fast, medium and slow-digesting
  • Affordable pricing
  • Philanthropic company
  • Glycerin to help with hydration
  • Plenty of flavors that women would love
  • No sugars
  • Low glycemic index

What we don‘t like

  • Too little ingredients to make more of a nutritional difference
  • Some additives that can cause negative side effects
  • Contain fat, though it’s a healthy type of fat


I can imagine being a busy woman needing a constant supply of energizing protein. These bars would definitely do the trick but that’s about all they would do. There are no extra nutrition or healthy ingredients and plenty of additives that are suspicious.

Unless you feel a connection with the idea behind the company you can easily buy a different bar with fewer additives and more than just protein to make it worthwhile. The name of the bar is the ThinkThin bar but with 250 calories, this is no low-calorie bar by any means.

Aside from that, this bar is a good choice for people on the go who need a quick boost of energy and to maintain daily protein intake.

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