RxBar Protein Bars Review

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RxBar began with two BFF’s that saw a need for protein bars with no b.s. (It’s literally stated on their label.) They developed a paleo bar that clearly states the ingredients on the front of the packaging plain to see for everyone. They weren’t afraid to take that risk and it has done them well.

The RxBar was created in one of their mom’s basement, for some reason many protein bars begin there. They started offering their bars to the CrossFit community first and got a following and before they knew it they were shipping their bars in pallets to grocery stores everywhere.

They claim to be obsessive perfectionists, sometimes going through over 250 formulas to get their bars just right. They were recognized by Whole30 as approved food but were recently taken off their list not because of their bars but because of the way people used them. They decided to no longer partner with these companies because “for many, the strong emotional ties to sweets and the temptation to use these products to satisfy those cravings proved too strong to resist.”

That sounds like these bars taste good, so let’s take a look at the ingredients, all b.s. aside, and decide for ourselves whether they should be included in our approved foods list.

Ingredient profile

According to their website, every single ingredient in their bar has a purpose but there are no fillers or preservatives and they use all natural flavorings. Its’ true, all of their ingredients are natural and very useful.

First of all, they use egg whites as their protein source. RxBars are one of the only, if not THE only bar that uses egg whites as their protein. This is a good choice because of how easily the body absorbs the protein from eggs. Egg whites contain two-thirds of the egg’s protein and only about a fifth of the egg’s calories.

All of the fat and cholesterol of the egg is found in the yolk, leaving the egg whites cholesterol free. However, there is a downside to this since the egg yolk also provides most of the vitamins and minerals in the egg. Nevertheless, egg whites are almost pure protein and still provide plenty of potassium and magnesium.

Dates are used as the binding agent and they are also very good for you. Dates have been used for centuries in the Middle East for their amazing nutritional value. They come with an onslaught of health benefits.

These dried fruits are an amazing energy booster. They contain natural sugars that the body can use for energy. They also contain many energy-boosting vitamins and minerals. They are a good source of carbs, 18 grams in a single date in fact.

Dates are also proven to help with digestion. They do this because they have so much dietary fiber. Each date contains almost 7 grams of fiber. You would have to eat a whole cup of berries to get that much fiber. This fiber aids to get things moving through the intestine well and relieve constipation.

This fiber also helps to lower cholesterol levels which is good for the heart by keeping plaque out of the artery walls. This study shows that eating dates also helps to lower triglyceride levels, another boost for heart health.

Dates are also great for strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis. Their phosphorus and calcium content is the key to this health benefit.

Almonds are one of the main nuts that they use in many of their bar flavors. Almonds are a great choice in a protein bar because they are high in nutrients but relatively low in calories.

They have a high antioxidant content, among which is Vitamin C. Almonds have so much vitamin C that just an ounce of almonds delivers 37% of the daily recommended dosage. These delicious nuts are also high in fiber and protein with healthy fats. This makes for a great weight loss aid because it helps keep you full and satisfied for a longer period of time.

Almonds are also a great source of magnesium. Magnesium is proven to help reduce blood pressure by this study.

Another nut that RxBars use is cashews. They provide many benefits like being good for the heart and help support brain function.

Cashews are 46% fat but they are the good fats that keep you satiated and help the body stay lubricated. These nuts also contain vitamins A, D, and K along with the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This makes cashews great at preventing osteoporosis and increasing bone health.

Cinnamon is a common ingredient in RxBars. This spice has been used for centuries for its medicinal powers. Cinnamon is high in polyphenols, antioxidants that are strong fighters against inflammation and free radicals in the body.

This helps to combat any inflammation-related diseases as well as cancer. Cinnamon also helps to reduce insulin resistance, making it great for diabetes patients because it helps lower blood sugar levels. Cinnamon also has powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Studies show that cinnamon is the most powerful combatant of the HIV virus.

Cacao is the purest form of chocolate. This is used for all of the chocolate flavors of RxBar protein bars. Cacao has a great flavor but it is also beneficial for your health because of its extremely high antioxidants levels and magnesium levels. It also contains fiber, healthy fats, protein, zinc, iron, and calcium.

Nutritional value

RxBar protein bar nutrition facts

This bar has a very good amount of protein with 12 grams of protein from egg whites. You can’t complain about their protein, especially since it is so easily absorbed into the body.  These bars have 210 calories which are plenty to satisfy but not enough for a meal replacement unless maybe you’re thinking of breakfast with a banana or apple added.

These bars have 6 grams of filling fiber and 24 carbs for energy. Take the fiber count away from the carbs and you have your net carbs coming out to be 18. With more carbs than protein, this bar is great for pre or post workout, snacking, even for breakfast as I stated above. Really, there is no time when these bars aren’t useful, they are very versatile. They have 10 or fewer grams of fat which is reasonable, not too much but enough good fat to satisfy.

The only downfall of the nutrition in these bars is the higher sugar. There is no added sugar but the dates deliver 14 grams of sugar to each bar. For some people, this is too high. Sugar affects some worse than others. Just be aware that these bars aren’t low sugar even though it says on the wrapper that there are no added sugars.

Taste and texture

If you’ve ever tasted a Larabar, these bars are very similar in taste and texture only these actually have protein in them. The dates and nuts give them a crunchy and chewy texture. Since the protein comes from egg whites you don’t get that crazy pasty protein powder texture you get from whey.

Another important thing to remember is that these bars have no preservatives or stabilizers so you don’t want to leave them out in a hot car, especially the chocolate flavors, and be careful when they are in your pocket. Let’s break down the flavors.

Chocolate sea salt

RxBar protein bar chocolate sea salt flavor

This new flavor has been praised all over the internet for having such a delicious chocolate flavor without the guilt of eating a chocolate bar. The texture is soft and chewy, not too much crunch.

Chocolate chip

RxBar protein bar chocolate chip flavor

Basic chocolate chip bar with little pieces of cacao and the base RxBar protein bar flavor with a hint of vanilla.

Coconut chocolate

RxBar protein bar coconut chocolate flavor

This bar is delicious with the base being a chewy coconut with little bits of cacao inside for a bit of crunch along with the nutty crunch. The chocolate flavor is subtle and this bar is not too sweet.

Peanut butter

RxBar protein bar peanut butter flavor

This is one of the two bars that don’t fit the paleo diet but it’s still delicious. The texture of this one is the best. It’s soft and chewy like a cookie almost (I said almost). It has a great peanut butter taste without any other flavor competing.

Maple sea salt

RxBar protein bar maple sea salt flavor

This bar is one of the least favorites because of the intense maple flavor that tastes like something you would put in a candle and the texture is dry.

Mixed berry

RxBar protein bar mixed berry flavor

This one will give your mouth a workout. With all the dried fruit and nuts it is especially chewy and crunchy but it still has a good natural flavor of the berries.

Mint chocolate

RxBar protein bar mint chocolate flavor

This one is nice and chewy with a nice light mint and light chocolate flavor, neither too overbearing. It is refreshing and tasty.


RxBar protein bar blueberry flavor

This bar achieves the blueberry taste perfectly without being too tart, sweet, or acidic. It has a nice granola bar texture.

Peanut butter chocolate

RxBar protein bar peanut butter chocolate flavor

Another favorite from the fans, this bar is delicious and guilt free with only pure cacao nibs and peanuts for flavor with the rest of the original ingredients for binding and protein. It’s decadent but good for you, always a good combination when to calm your sweet tooth.

Pricing and where to buy RxBar protein bars

These eggs they use must be from golden chickens because they are pretty pricey for the simple ingredients they use. RxBars can be found on their website for $26 for 12 which is a little over $2 each. I looked around to see if there are cheaper places to buy them but they are the same pretty much everywhere else.

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Pros and cons

These bars have really won me over so you can guess that the scales are tipped to the benefits of these bars. With so much whole foods and little else, you can’t go wrong.

Why we like it

  • Excellent source of protein from egg whites delivers high doses of absorbable protein that your body will use to the full.
  • Using dates as a binder and sweetener comes with many extra benefits like vitamins and fiber and carbs.
  • Nuts deliver lots of nutritional benefits like vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.
  • These bars are gluten free, soy free, and dairy free making them safe for people with these allergies to eat.
  • Whole foods are the only ingredients in these bars, no artificial or preservative ingredients.
  • Just the right amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fats to make them a versatile bar that you can use anytime and for any goal.
  • Enough flavors that you won’t get bored eating them.

What we don‘t like

  • Kinda pricey but worth it for whole foods.
  • Higher in sugar than other bars.
  • Some of the flavors can get a little oily in the heat.


Overall these bars are a winner, winner, chicken dinner (or egg)! Like they keep saying, these bars are no bull. What you see on the front of the wrapper is what you get. They certainly deliver on that.

It’s really amazing how these natural ingredients make a perfectly complete nutritional protein bar. Why does everyone insist on packing them full of artificial flavorings and preservatives? I say kudos to the RxBar team for sticking to their beliefs and using natures gifts to create a product that is in demand and tastes great.

I will definitely have these in my cupboards, and in my drawer, and in my gym bag… you get the picture. I suggest you do the same.

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