Signature Protein Crunch Bars Review

Signature Protein Crunch Bars Review – Made With You in Mind

This protein bar is’s own brand of the protein bars. Their signature line was created in 1999 to supply a chain of products that they could put their own name on, even though they have a whole website that sells other product lines. According to their website, their brand is completely transparent, with no … Read more

Perfect Bar protein bars review

Perfect Bar Protein Bars Review

These bars sure sound arrogant, don’t they? They call themselves perfect and here is why; according to them, they include ingredients that are so fresh, you have to keep them in the fridge. The story for this protein bar begins with the father of a large family. He created the recipe with a quick whipping … Read more

RxBar protein bars review

RxBar Protein Bars Review

RxBar began with two BFF’s that saw a need for protein bars with no b.s. (It’s literally stated on their label.) They developed a paleo bar that clearly states the ingredients on the front of the packaging plain to see for everyone. They weren’t afraid to take that risk and it has done them well. … Read more

Oatmega protein bars review

Oatmega Protein Bars Review

The story behind is a sad one. The founder of the company, Trevor Ross, lost his sister to breast cancer. This traumatic event in his life made him look at food differently and was determined to eat healthier and couldn’t find a protein bar healthy enough to meet his expectations. So, he made his own … Read more

Larabar energy bars review

Larabar Energy Bars Review

The story of is simple. Lara wanted a good energy bar to eat that is delicious and healthy, so she created one. She mimicked the popular cookie and dessert flavors, decided on five, tested them out on her friends and family and then introduced them to the world. The first 500 she sold, she had … Read more

ThinkThin protein bars review

ThinkThin Protein Bars Review

A true woman’s brand,  was created to help busy women, like entrepreneurs and single moms, fuel their day. This company was founded by Lizanne Falsetto. A single mom and entrepreneur herself, she had a desire and passion for helping other women to be successful. She has a distinct philosophy on food that includes ideas like … Read more

Clif builder's protein bars review

Clif Builder’s Protein Bars Review

Clif Builder’s protein bars are high on protein snacks created by the Cliff Company. The founder of this company, Gary, enjoys long bike rides. While he was gnawing on some “other” energy bars during these rides, he came up with an idea to create a better-tasting bar. By working on this inspiration, he founded the … Read more

Rise protein bars review

Rise Protein Bars Review

This simple little company has a simple little protein bar. They pride themselves on keeping things small and easy. In fact, all are made in one California kitchen in small batches. There is no mass production going on here! Their young Founder and CEO, Peter Spenuzza suffers from gluten intolerability and had a hard time … Read more

Quest protein bars review

Quest Protein Bars Review

The were like the pioneers of the protein bar world. They were the first to decide to try and make a healthy bar that people actually wanted to eat. They are just seven years old but have become very popular, first with bodybuilders and fitness models, then to the general public. Unlike some other nutrition … Read more

Luna protein bars review

Luna Protein Bars Review

Luna protein bars were created by the Clif Company, a popular energy bar company created by a man that was sick of eating horribly tasting energy bars, so he decided to create his own recipe. He claims to have developed the first Clif bars in his mother’s kitchen, an endearing story for sure. Years later, … Read more